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Do we accept same day orders? 

If available I will accept a same day order, additional fee’s will apply. 


Do we deliver? 

Depending on location , yes we will deliver . Additional fee’s will apply 


What happens if I forget to pick up my order? 

You will not be issued out a refund under any circumstances for any missed pick ups or missed deliveries 


Most desserts are made with whipped cream icing so they MUST be refrigerated until served. Do not leave any cake in the car or outside for a prolonged time during warm weather months 


Can I display my cake outside for a long period of time ?

We recommend keeping your desserts refrigerated until you are ready to serve at an outside event. You should not display ANY cake in direct sunlight.

I have a business and would like to carry your products in our store(s)?


We do offer wholesale pricing on most of our products. Please reach out to for more details.

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